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Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery - Dayton OR Real Haunted Places

  • Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery
  • Dayton, OR
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Locals say this cemetery is haunted by a woman who was hanged after being accused of being a witch haunts Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. Her spirit has been seen standing or wandering through the graveyard. Some have heard her laughing, and one person claims to have caught her voice on tape saying “Run Home!” Others say they have been chased out of the cemetery, and found deep cuts all over their backs afterward.
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  • Drumming up business

    I live around in this area first its moronic #3 now its pioneer cemetery been to both at night bye myself both times never 1 time have I seen spoke just flash lights bouncing off head stones I can't believe people freak out at these,place this town just wants people to visit to drum up business or the town will die out from capital because people here are poor cool places not what you think I have heard over a small town in another state say they buried an alein still to get business coming in but people believe it lol jokes on you guys ??.

    Posted 5/24/24

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  • Do not go there asf

    We saw someone poped out of nowhere and we herded noises and we got goosebumps and was shaking

    Posted 4/8/24

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  • Weird

    Went here with my friend on a cold foggy day. It went well keeping each other safe as I'm sensitive to spirits. Was walking towards the back and got sick. I ended throwing up next to some baby graves. (My condolences) I walked by a grave and got imagines of a face which was new. My friend wanted to leave but I was being pulled towards the large tree in the back. The second I arrived I couldn't breathe was was sick all over again. I suggested we leave now. Honestly your not always going to get activity or feel stuff I think it depends on your intentions. Would go here again with equipment.

    Posted 10/14/23

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  • Not haunted

    Went to the cemetery walked around. No odd feelings and I am sensitive to energy. Definitely a comfortable old time cemetery no spirits just the dead resting.

    Posted 10/6/23

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  • Unexplainable

    My girlfriend and I came here Friday the 13th about 945pm. We immediately heard a lady laughing hysterically but we thought it could have been a party in the neighborhood nearby. My girlfriends' camera refused to take a picture of what appears to be a flag pole. It would flash but not take a picture. We could move and try to take a picture and still nothing. We would start taking pictures of something else and it would take pictures like nothing happened. Try to take a picture where it was having issues and nothing. Afterwards we stopped in areas of the neighborhood nearby to see if we could hear the lady laughing and we couldn't hear a dang thing. Also when I went to sleep that night I had terrible dreams that I can't remember a thing about. I just remember waking up with my heart pounding all night. Other than that nothing truly terrifying happened.

    Posted 8/14/21

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  • Evil ghost

    Me and my best friends in 6th grade decided to go up at 2 50 am we heard laughing and glass breaking i passed out and my friends had to drag me out before i awoke

    Posted 6/16/21

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  • Saw her

    Long, long ago by buddies and I heard about it and decided to go late at night. Spent a bit of time there, kept feeling like something was watching us, we tried to get her to talk to us and tried to rustle her feathers a bit, found where we think she died & buried. We began taunting her to get an answer. No words. But one buddy said something that must’ve pissed her off because he ended up getting grabbed so hard between his left shoulder and collar bone that he fell to his knees in the grass. There was no one visible around him and when we looked at where he was grabbed and I SHIT YOU NOT, bro had a deep black hand print that by flashlight light looked black/dark red. We decided it was time to leave. Right before we left, she blew on my neck and we spun around and there was her apparition. Scared us so bad we took off running.

    Posted 6/14/21

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    Drove an hour away to come here at 3am. We barely made it through the entrance before hearing some woman laugh. It’s 3am, no one would be there laughing. I suddenly felt my chest get super tight almost hard to breath. Im really susceptible to ghost/spirits, idk why but I’ve always been sensitive to the other side. When my chest got tight I knew that my guardian angel or friendly spirit was trying to rip me back not to go in. I could of swore I heard a voice in my head that said “don’t”. And I fucking left. We ran back to the car and when I was running I could almost feel someone right behind me breathing on me. Whoever that witch is, she knew I was sensitive to spirits and wanted to mess with me hard. I’m glad I got out of there while I had the chance.

    Posted 2/17/20

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  • Very old and creepy place but interesting.

    Went there just to look around both me and my son and his two dogs and we all got creeped out like something was there. We did not see anything but it did feel creepy and even the dogs got creeped out and both started growling and got into there protection mode as if they could see something and it sure made us all beleavers much more then before.

    Posted 9/1/19

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