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Ebenezer Chapel - Real Dayton Haunted Place

  • 15507 South East Webfoot Road
  • Dayton, OR
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The original chapel was built in the 1860s and was rebuilt in 1926. There have been a number of spirit sightings in the chapel and in the cemetery nearby. People have reported seeing eerie glowing lights drifting through the forest and voices and scratching noises have been heard inside the chapel.
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  • Almost kidnapped??

    So I have had some paranormal experience on this road but I wanted to tell a creepier story with this place. When me and my friend drove down to this place for our second visit we saw a car driving towards Dayton going 5mph. It was very off putting and they sat at the stop sign waiting while we drove past. Eventually we got out and did our thing for about 10 minutes trying to find something when we noticed the car slowly drive past and park alittle ways down the road. I told everyone to get in the car and we left in a hurry and that car picked up speed and chased us immediately. They guy was chasing us at 80-100mph and we saw masked men. Eventually I took some turns and lost them but who know what would’ve happened if we didn’t. Be careful if you go out there. Besides this I’ve heard running around the church and laughing in the woods the place is very legit

    Posted 9/1/22

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  • Not necessarily haunting...

    My girlfriend and I came to this place at about 10pm. It was an eerie experience but I would not say it is haunted. We took some pictures, stood in the pitch black dark for a few minutes taking in the area and walked all the paths. We then sat in the car for a few minutes with the windows down just hanging out wondering if anything would happen. Thats when we heard what sounded like someone lightly hammering some lumber but there was nothing you could hit a hammer with in the cemetery to make that sound. It sounded like someone pounding a nail into a 2x4. When we left we got a huge whiff of something dead to the point of nausea and it smelled like it was so close that it was on the hood of our car. It smelled that strong for about ten minutes which really baffled us. Would like to go back again.

    Posted 8/14/21

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  • Pictures to prove

    About 3 weeks ago some friends and I started to look into old cemeteries in the area. We visited Odell during the evening and didn’t get very many eerie vibes, except for in the chapel. We took many photos as we were looking around and took one as we were leaving. It was about 5 o’clock and nice summer evening. In one of the photos we took you can clearly see a man with a beard standing high up probably about 8 feet off the ground, by the entrance to the Cemetery. It is absolutely terrifying and all you can see in the photo once it’s pointed out. So much for not a bad feeling as soon as you see it in the photo you immediately getting a eerie feeling. I’ve showed many people the photo and all reactions are of dread and disbelief of what they are looking at. After we saw the photo the phone had captured we decided to go back to see what it would be like at night. We drove by so slowly and could not even get out of the car we were so terrified. It is a beautiful Cemetery but I would be warned about visiting at night and if you take any pictures make sure to take a good look because you never know who’s watching you.

    Posted 8/10/21

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  • Paranormal

    I found out about this place when I was in high school in Dayton. Years later my husband at the time and I went out to look at it around dusk and we had our son that was about 2 years old with is in the backseat. Anyway we didn't park or anything but drove by fairly slow and took some pictures of the building from the road. And we pulled into the little driveway type spot and turned around and we were taking some pictures from the road again and our son just starts crying and screaming. My husband and I look in the mirrors and there is this what appeared to be about 7 foot tall dark shadowy type figure standing in the middle of the road about 20 feet behind us. Our son starts screaming even more and says "He's coming!!!!! Go!!!!" Which we looked and it started to move so we got the HELL out of there. Later on when I looked through the pictures two of them had a white figure of a woman with long hair standing in the middle window of the chapel. It was around Halloween. During the day the place feels calm and fairly serene but once it starts getting dusky and dark the whole feel of the place changes and it becomes very dark and very spooky.

    Posted 3/15/21

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  • I grew up in Dayton

    Dayton is a small town rich in history. The cemetery and chapel are not county owned and you need to ask the owners for permission to wander the property. It is a beautiful spot. Daytonions all know each other and (most of us) respect each other. Do I believe there are spirits wandering there? Yes. Just as I believe there are spirits wandering just about everywhere, if you care to stop and pay attention. There was one in the house I lived in on Webfoot Rd. There was one in the house I lived in on Oak St (both houses in Dayton).

    Posted 9/16/20

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  • Visting

    Went there in the day time. Once me and my friends entered the place it felt eerie feeling. It's neat to check out history. We didn't hear anything or see anything out of the blue. We did see a car drive up but we didn't stay long we left when the car pulled up. I would go there again and get better photos for sure.

    Posted 8/4/20

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  • Not creepy at all.

    This is my families history. Please be very respectful.

    Posted 6/15/20

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  • Our investigation

    My team investigated the area and we got some rather interesting things on video. The place is legit and to whomever thinks its not needs to think again. We have a veteran in our group and the communication to him was real. i definitely will be back and hopefully we can get a pass to be there overnight.

    Posted 1/20/20

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  • Beautiful and sad

    Visiting from northern Illinois. I found it peaceful and serene.

    Posted 4/10/19

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  • White walker thingy

    I haven't had any things happen to me other then this tall white figure thingy with a crown and a long dress with no face just white dim was standing behind a tree me and my friends wanted to go there at njght since my family owns it so we did at about 12 pm i gog a sick feeling not to go in to the cemetery and that thing then came out from the trees just then a car was coming down the road so we thought it was the cops and ran where it was and all of a sudden the car disappeared no trace i think whatever it was made us think the car was there to get us in the cemetery

    Posted 9/23/18

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  • Scariest night of my life

    About a year ago, in 2017, a friend and I heard about this place and decided to explore it. We had no idea it was private property or how haunted it really was either. As we neared this place, the headlights flashed on the building and we got INSTANT dread and shivers. It felt as if someone was staring at us through the empty windows. We pulled in, grabbed the flashlight, and headed to the chapel. The flashlight was for emergencies because we like to develop our night vision instead of relying on a light. We took a lap around the chapel and decided to save the inside for last. We walked the paths in the graveyard and began reading out names on headstones till I heard footsteps all the way back at the chapel. I thought it was a deer but when I looked up, there was a deep orange/dim light inside the chapel where the fireplace is. I immediately thought FIRE and called for my friend still reading headstones to run back there with me and check it out. When I looked back the light was gone, but I still felt as if I was being watched through the chapel windows. About a minute later my friend began bawling and shouting for something to stay away from her and she ran back to the car. I followed but for some reason something made me really want to go inside the chapel. I ignored her screams to come to the car and climbed through the window and could not keep my eyes off the fireplace. Eventually my head started pounding and I snapped out of it and got extreme anxiety. Never hopped out of a window so fast in my life. I never went back.

    Posted 8/20/18

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  • I won't go back!

    A friend visiting from Texas, my son, who was about 13 at the time, and I came across the Ebenezer Chapel and Cemetery and stopped to look. We saw a sign welcoming visitors and saying that the spot was privately maintained. We thought it a very picturesque spot and walked from the car towards the back of the chapel. We began whispering and I'm not sure if it was simply the atmosphere or respect for the dead or what, but we wandered among the gravestones for about 10 minutes reading the names. We noticed that unlike other cemeteries, even old pioneer cemeteries, this one didn't seem organized in rows and columns but sort of haphazardly chosen burial sites. Suddenly, my friend called to me and her voice trembled. She said she was standing between two headstones when she had a strong urge to cry. I said maybe I should snap her photo and see if anything showed up, half joking. I held my phone up which had a battery level of 89%. When I tried to take the photo, the screen flipped upside down and then the phone turned off. I frowned, and we waited as I rebooted the phone. The battery said 11% then and I was completely flummoxed. How could it have drained so quickly? And why did it turn off? We continued to walk and went up to the chapel. A bird flew out of the upper window, but otherwise it was silent. My friend and son walked around the side while I approached the steps that led up to the chapel entrance. There was a chain across it, and I noticed a security camera in the ceiling. An eerie feeling came over me. I took two last photos before my phone died. One of them came out with the strangest streaks and looked wavy like I'd taken it underwater. All three of us felt a great reluctance to leave, and my friend kept looking up at the window in the chapel. She said she felt like someone was watching us. As soon as we cleared the trees and reached the car, a feeling of revulsion came over all three of us and we drove away as fast as possible. We still have the photos and talk about the experience every once in a while, but both my friend and I vowed we would never return.

    Posted 6/27/18

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  • Scared as I've ever been

    In about 1990 i was 17-18 years old, some friends and I went to a place we called" Ebenezers" out behind the Monrovia nersury in Dayton Oregon. First time I went was about 10pm with about 6 friends, was very overgrown and had a very dark heavy feeling. We trampled through the tree limbs and BlackBerry bushes and found the chapel, inside was about 6 broken headstones placed in a half circle on the floor near the fireplace. There was white feathers everywhere and splatters of what looked like blood splattered. While there one of the guys we went with started freaking out and went and locked himself in the car screaming and frantic, we finally get him to open the car so we could get the hell out of there. When I got home my brand new watch had stopped at 11:22 PM and never worked again, I kept it forever but it got lost some years back. I've been many many times since and am happy to see that it is now maintained and it doesn't have that dark heavy feeling anymore. This place was the real deal though!

    Posted 5/30/18

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  • All talk and local bs

    I came out there twice and each time got called out by the people across the street. There's a house across the street where the people who keep the place up live and the guy ACTUALLY called the cops on my girlfriend and I the second time we were there. We saw the house's lights turn on and this guy coming into the yard with a flashlight and we got out of there only to come past two sheriff cars down the road. There's nothing interesting about this little cemetery and I'm not about to get a trespassing ticket to wonder around some 20 foot loop of headstones.

    Posted 5/22/18

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  • Piece of Dayton Pioneer History

    The Odell Cemetery is my family's pioneer cemetery. The chapel was originally built by my great-great-great grandfather John Odell, who came with his family to Oregon via the Oregon Trail in 1851. He was a farmer and a Methodist preacher. The original chapel was burned in a fire, and his son (W.H. Odell, former US Deputy Surveyor and owner/publisher of the Oregon Statesman) rebuilt the chapel in cement in his honor. The chapel was used by the Methodist church for many years until it was finally decommissioned. Many of the original settlers of the Webfoot area are buried at the cemetery. The cemetery and chapel are not abandoned or forgotten - our family and other volunteers in the area have worked for years to do what we can to preserve this piece of local history. The cemetery is located on private property. You are welcome to visit during day hours (dawn-dusk). Both the cemetery and chapel suffer frequent acts of vandalism, theft, and damage, and as such we require you to stay on the path in the cemetery and not to enter the chapel. Also, despite our best efforts to clear it, the cemetery is covered in Poison Oak in many places. If you do visit, we ask you to be respectful of the fact that these are our family's ancestors, people who gave up everything to cross the country in a wagon and settle in Oregon.

    Posted 2/13/18

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  • Strange vibes

    found out this place is not county owned, it is a creepy place to visit. If you stand over by the head stones with the chapel to your left facing away from the head stones, you'll notice a path leading up to a tree. I wanted to up that path to check it out, got the feeling of dread, so I did not go up the small path. paranormal I don't know, you definitely get the your not alone or that you're being watched.

    Posted 1/21/17

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