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Flavel Mansion - Astoria OR Haunted Place

  • 441 8th St.
  • Astoria, OR
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This home was converted to a museum in 1951, and ever since then there have been reports of hauntings on the premises. Voices and phantom music have been heard on the first floor, believed to be from the to Flavel sisters who were gifted musicians. The library room is known to have a strand, unhappy presence and the apparition of a woman has been seen in the second floor hallway. She disappears when approached. In the bedroom of Ms. Flavel, a floral scent has been detected, even when no one is around. The apparition of Captain George Flavel has also been seen in his bedroom, where he vanishes into the floor once his presence is seen.
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  • Residual energy is present in The Flavel House

    The Flavel House and the family’s history are both very interesting, especially for those who conduct further research. This Queen Anne style home has many beautiful details but the review claiming that the furnishings are all original is incorrect. Some of the items in the house did belong to the Flavel family but most are only ‘period accurate’, and not original to the home. The Historical Society does not endorse the Flavel House spirit claims, but as an empath/sensitive I had two distinct personal experiences in the house during our visit. Firstly, The Flavel House house is not a negative space. I sense energetic signatures in a very specific and physical way. The energy I experienced in the Flavel House was best described as melancholic. My experiences occurred in Katie’s bedroom, and in the upstairs hallway near the top of the main stairwell. I’m Katie’s room I felt pressure in my head and neck, along with mild vertigo. This is my typical physical experience with energy, and the same I’ve experienced with every paranormal encounter I have had since childhood. The residual emotion in this space is melancholic; not surprising since Katie passed of a complication from malnutrition, which is very sad. I only felt this way in this room, and strongest near the bed and the fireplace. My experience in the hallway was at the top of the main stairwell. Again, I had the pressure in my head and neck along with vertigo. I also felt a very strong sense of a melancholic yet underlying positive emotion in this space. To me, this has a female character, but again, this doesn’t mean it’s an active haunting. I had no experiences in the captain’s bedroom or the library. I’m not willing to say that this house harbors intelligent hauntings. I w can confirm that there is energy present, which I believe to be residual. This could be from the past or present since so many people have visited the house over the years. As a native Oregonian, Astoria is my favorite coastal town in our state, and the history plays a big part in my affection for it.

    Posted 9/15/23

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  • I talked **** and got hit

    Went to the flavel house over the weekend. It was my first time in Astoria. Gorgeous house. We watched the movie before taking the tour. I was making some jokes about Mrs Flavel (about how young she was when she married and how particular she was about keeping the home). We did the self tour through the house and in the kitchen I was recording a video of my boyfriend at the old Victorian stove and I noticed something on my camera screen. It was like a blurry spot on the film that wasn’t there when I looked at him not through the phone. I thought it might be something on my camera lens so I wiped it and it was still there. I thought that was weird, and then a few minutes later I bent down and my necklace broke and fell off into the floor. I have never had any issues with this necklace before, but it broke as if someone had pulled on the on the pendant and threw it on the ground. It was a very bizarre experience and I apologized to Mrs Flavel for trash talking her in her home.

    Posted 7/19/22

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  • I Heard Bells too Upstairs

    I did not go originally knowing that this place was Haunted. I just went as part of a museum package at 1st but then I sensed a lot of presents of spirits in the house. It didn't feel bad and there was a good feeling in the hallway is the hallway and looking into the music room and is the groom and going in the dining room.. The dining room felt like many happy memories there is there. When upstairs though there was a heavier darker feeling but not a bad feeling just kind of not as airy and light. My boyfriend hooked kind of gone into one of the other's rooms. I was still in the hallway looking at pictures. Then I heard a loud bell's ringing and a kind of grow grinding noise coming from towards where the stairs were but no one was there. It was so odd that I jumped and then the sound went away. I quickly ran into the room that my boyfriend was in and asked if he had heard the sound but he did not say he heard a thing. that kind of creeper me out. I almost felt like I was being watched in the captain room room as well.. I did not stay that long and went into Mrs. Flavell's ring. I could tell that her parlor off of the house was a wonderful place for her to go get away and and have tea by herself by herself. I got a strange feeling in the girl's rooms Seemed like I didn't wanna stay there too long. Definitely felt like the captain was watching me but I do believe that miss favel enjoys the visitors.

    Posted 1/19/22

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  • In the bedrooms and library

    just recently visited the flavel house. Me and my children heard odd inconsistent bells ringing in the library, it was really eerie.. we never figured out what it was and it kept happening off and on in that room. The dining room felt light and airy, it was easy to invision the dinner parties and good times they must've had in there. The bathroom off to the side of the library was very claustrophobic and I Def felt an energy in that area that gave my anxiety. I did not like the upstairs at all. I had massive pressure on my chest entering every room, esp Katie's room where it was noted she died in her bed of a malnutrition illness. Which is a horrific way to go and the visuals and energy was to much for me to feel and I felt the need to leave that room quickly. The captains room was where I felt like we weren't supposed to be there, I didn't feel invited and felt like we were trespassing in a way and it was not our right or place to be roaming around in their home, it felt as if you had to tip toe as if to not wake someone while they were sleeping. My children were fascinated and didn't seem to pick up anything but intrigue and wonder on the upstairs. They really liked it. I kept my feelings to myself but quickly scooted along and wanted to leave quickly!!. I LOVED the music room Overall. A beautiful, fascinating home with lots and LOTS of emotions and most Def spirits and energy. If your a sensitive person, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

    Posted 6/27/21

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  • I heard music piped in the 1st floor and know where it comes from!

    The guide working there said he put the music on using a blue tooth mp3 style player. People in those days did die in their homes back then. Doctors actually did house calls. I felt a presence in that bedroom but it was not evil. However the bed appears to be bent on one side like somebody tried to sleep on it they were not suppose to. My Dad had a feeling something was wrong; he felt there should've been a couch in front of the fireplace in that room. :) I do too. Mom felt friendlyness in the whole place and the family was giving to poor people and good causes. Nothing bad happened to any of them.

    Posted 6/12/21

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  • In the upper bedrooms

    I visited the home on September 9, 2020. We were walking throughout the house. It is completely intact, all of the original furniture, the dishes and glassware, musical instruments sitting next to the fireplace, clothes hanging in the closets that were worn by the Flavel family. All of their belongings were in the house just as if they had been there yesterday. As we walked up the staircase and into the upper hallway, there were bedrooms on both sides. I stepped into the first bedroom on the left, which was a spacious room with a large bed up against the wall. As I stood in the middle of the room I noticed the hairs on my arms standing on end, and I felt pressure on my body, it was as if someone had come up to me and pressed into me and wrapped their arms around me and was squeezing. The pressure was significant in my chest. I slowly walked across the room and stepped into an adjoining bedroom. The sensation left. When I turned around and walked back into the first bedroom, I could feel the same sensation again. I walked out into the hall and the sensation was gone. There was a woman downstairs who was greeting people and working in the home that day. I asked her about that room and who’s it was. She said it was George Flavel‘s. She mentioned he died in that bedroom, of pneumonia. When I returned home I shared my story with my daughter who had visited several years ago. She was very quiet, and asked me to show her pictures of the home. I did. She told me when she was in one of the upper bedrooms, one that belong to a woman, she experienced persistent ringing in her ears. As soon as she left that bedroom, the ringing completely disappeared.

    Posted 9/18/20

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