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Oregon's Haunted Hospitals & Asylums

For many, abandoned asylums, and closed down hospitals are some of the spookiest Real Haunts in STATE. Empty hospitals are eerie on their own, but even moreso when you consider that spirits of the departed could be lurking around any corner, and haunting the hallways of the hospital they once called home. Hospitals and Asylums are often considered hot spots for paranormal activity, since countless people pass on in those facilities, often times unexpectedly, which is one explanation for why many spirits still linger there, rather than crossing over. If you're looking for a truly paranormal experience, check out one of STATE's Haunted Hospitals or Asylums - but be prepared to encounter the unexpected!
  • Dammasch State Hospital Wilsonville, OR
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    The Dammasch State Hospital in Wilsonville first opened its doors in 1961 as a mental hospital, asylum, and educational center. It was named after Dr. Ferdinand H. Dammasch and was in operation until 1995. The hospital was demolished in 2005, however, it was a well known hot spot for paranormal activity. Witnesses reported hearing strange noises such as disembodied footsteps and keys... Read More

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