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Lithia Park - Real Ashland Haunted Place

  • 340 S. Pioneer St.
  • Ashland, OR
  • (541) 488-5340
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A girl was raped and murdered here at this park in the 1800s. Her spirit is believed to linger, causing an eerie blue light to appear, flicker, and disappear while over the duck pond.
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  • scary asf

    my friends and i go there a lot at night and usually we encounter something scary. one time i was with a group of 7 and we all went up to the fairy ponds in the middle of the night. on the drive up there half of the group were joking around trying to scare the rest of the group by whistling (whistling at night calls spirits) eventually we park and we head up the trail. we find a spot to chill and a friend heard someone whispering. we all thought it was a joke but then we all heard footsteps and there wasn’t anyone on the trail. we start heading back to the car and when we were in close enough range to see it, the car alarm goes off. we stop the alarm using the keys and then we take the keys from our friend bc we thought he was trying to prank us. but the car keeps beeping like someone’s locking it over and over again. we were holding the one pair of keys and not pushing any buttons. we all start sprinting back to the car and we get in and lock the doors. the car wouldn’t start at first which was terrifying. eventually it started and we are driving right by the entrance of the reservoir when we all saw a black shadow run across the road. we keep driving on the back road of lithia. my friend stops the car at a pull out and turns off all the lights because he thinks it’s funny. we were fine until a shadow figure starts circling the car and then we started to see a bunch of them. needless to say we drove as fast as we could out of that place. i haven’t been to the fairy ponds at night since. but that wasn’t the first time we’ve seen shadow figures up there.

    Posted 10/15/21

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  • Very Eerie

    Although I haven’t seen any apparitions, Lithia Park carries a very discomforting vibe. If anyone is looking to be creeped out, I recommend visiting here around midnight or 1 AM. Came here the first time at night and encountered a group of men huddled in the dark just beyond the entrance and they split up when they saw me and the two others I was with, but I left soon after. Not sure who they were.

    Posted 10/2/20

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  • Ghost Girl in Columbia Hotel

    Though not technically in Lithia Park, my mother saw a yound girl in an old fashioned dress with a bowl cut dark hair who appeared to her while she was trying to sleep. We stayed at the Columbia Hotel the night this happened. While my mom is not phsycic she is sensative to the other side. The little girl is not likely a ghost from the park but i havnt heard any other reports of her or any ghosts in the Columbia Hotel.

    Posted 7/4/20

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  • Spirit voices loud & clear in Lithia Park OR

    I was with my partner who makes Videos of Haunted places for his U-Tube Channel. We walked all the way to the back of Lithia Park after midnight June 5 2020. While we did not catch any visuals of Spirits when we turned on the Ghost Box We caught a woman's voice and a man's. The man clearly said "Hi" to us when we asked if anyone was with us. He spoke a few more times but I still need to listen to my headset of the recording to try to hear what he was saying. It was cool that they were trying hard to talk to.us. To see this video go to UTube and type in Jo-L-solo tv

    Posted 6/7/20

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  • Creepy

    When I went there about a year ago, it was about 12 am or 1, my mom and sister were with me also. We asked Siri for directions, and she gave us directions, like normal, but it took us to the back of the park. When we got out of the car, we heard little footsteps, and then all of a sudden my sister thought she heard a little girl whisper in her ear. She said the little girl said something like “hi” or “help” She couldn’t clearly hear it, but when we left, I was looking out the window, and saw a little girl, wearing a white gown. I told my mom and sister about it when we got back to the hotel. My mom and sister also said they saw it too. My mom had a brilliant idea to go back the next day to see if it would take us to the back entrance again or not. It took us to the main entrance. We were a bit spooked

    Posted 6/26/18

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