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Home Town Buffet - Real Haunted Place

  • 636 Lancaster Dr. NE
  • Salem, OR
  • (503) 585-8163
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This small restaurant is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman wearing a white dress who can be seen in the bathroom. People believe she was the wife of the former owner, who murdered her. Running footsteps and doors slamming in the women's bathroom have also been reported.
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  • Unexpected

    I was in the bathroom breastfeeding my son in the bathroom stall. All of sudden I here someone pacing back and forth in the bathroom. I said hello. No answer. I got up and finally opened the door. No one was there. I didn't.here anymore leave. My hair stood up.

    Posted 7/26/23

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  • I always felt like I was being whshed in the woman's bathroom

    I always felt weird when I went to the bathroom at this plase I felt like I was being washed hard wired sounds in there like foot steps even though there was no one there

    Posted 10/15/21

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  • Home Town Buffet: Salem OR

    Held an investigation, which included interviewing staff that have been working at the location since it first opened. It was stated by the staff that there hasn't been experiences there and the story about a shooting and such did not happen at that location. I also researched newspapers and police reports; nada. This might just be either misinformation or urban legend, but nothing found to support the claims.

    Posted 8/2/20

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  • Current employee here!

    Hi! I am a employee at hometown buffet. I started in April and this is my first haunted work place. As well as working in the food industry itself. I close both bathrooms alone most night. (The reason the floor gets sticky is from someone using hot water with our mops.) The ghost is real but us employee’s have heard two different stories on how this came to be. One night I was cleaning the women’s and felt like I was being watched..... I went into the handicap stall where it is said to have happened. And as I’m cleaning I look at the top of the stall and looked away. I saw a black figure staring at me from the top for only a Brief moment... I ran out to get some sort of composure. And walked back in. I saw her in face and all white just looking at me. I stood frozen.... and said “hi.... I am just here to clean the stall and I’ll leave you alone okay?” After I said that she was gone. And that “I’m being watched” feeling went away. That was my third week into working there. Recently (like just yesterday.) I was cleaning the men’s bathroom and felt a touch on my neck... brushed it off but I did say.... “Hi........ I am just.... here to clean and I’ll be gone.” I had some serious hesitation in my voice..... as I finished cleaning. Moping the whole world... I felt someone move my hair... I walked out saying “Okay! This is very real!!!!” I am terrified to tell coworkers, or my boss. And I have to clean the bathrooms again tonight.

    Posted 6/10/19

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  • Something weird going on

    So, I decided to take my Mom to Home Town Buffet this afternoon. The food was not the greatest but it was what happened after the meal that left me scratching my head. Before we left I thought I would use the restroom to clear out my liquid. Thats a nice way of saying I had to pee. Walking the long hallway back to the restroom, I open the door and as I enter and take my first step I notice the floor was sticky ICK !!! Furthermore As I normally do when I enter a public restroom I like to see if I am alone, you know looking under the stalls for feet and legs. One look it's all clear so I walk to the urinal sticking to the floor with each step all the way as I walk. Then I hear the sound of what sounds like a toilet paper roll dispenser rattle. I thought, hmm thats odd there is nobady in here.and I did nt hear the stall door open. As I continue to finish my task I then hear sticky footsteps walking behind me heading as if they were leaving. I thought hmmm, I did not see anyone walk behind me and as I finish I thought that person did not wash their hands, again just taking for granted that maybe I just didnt see them. UN-LIKELY as I am pretty aware of my suroundings. So I think, if that was an employee I am going to rat them out for not washing their hands before returning to work, so I rush to the door and see if I can catch them in the hall. I get to the door, open it which made a sound and I look into and enter the hallway seeing nobody there so I rush to the main area where people are seated and see nobody just sitting down or in the area. It was unusually dead just a bunch of elderly 60 and 70 year plus folks in the lobby. So I walk to a table stewardess and ask her if their bathroom is haunted and she turns to me with a smile and says, " Well, I personally have never encountered anything" and added that she has heard of others having experiences. So,it was a terrible lunch/Dinner but the restroom experience made up for the bad meal. Go figure lol.

    Posted 6/4/19

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