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Tioga Building - Real Haunts in Coos Bay OR

  • 198 East Market Avenue
  • Coos Bay, OR
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This building is the tallest in coastal Oregon and is believed to be quite haunted by a number of apparitions and entities. Those that reside here have claimed they have been followed around the basement by a tall shadowy apparition. Voices and disembodied footsteps have also been reported on various levels of the building.
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    Posted 10/1/21

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  • Living alone at the Tioga building becomes unreal at night

    I actually came to the Tioga building in a very interesting way. I actually have always been attracted to this place for some crazy reason. Well now I know why IA am actually a clairvoyant, and a medium I am spirituality gifted won't lie and tell you that I was born this way because I know that I was not my gift for some reason happened to hit me around 28. Well after moving to coos bay pretty much! So when I set my eyes something told me that is my home figure out how to live there! Things work in a mysterious way and things work for a reason so therefore it happened. I have a little cozy studio apartment on the 3rd floor and let me tell you something I have a few visitors that just don't seem to want to go anywhere. Every other night I am accompanied by a tall thin man who has been seen by 4 of My friends. If u are not a believer well spend a few hours with me after dark and you may just not want to come back or be intrigued by the change in everything this man seems as if he is attractedto me also I once saw little girl and yes a littlegirl around 7 yearsoldand she was just standing in my kitchen doorway as do where they all like to hang or appear. I have my own little theory of this place I know this sounds crazy but the wall In my kitchen is a portal I am sure because I have seen this come alive that I never thought would even be real or a thing. I've seen a very eerie creepy looking smaller entity and not sure if it's a child boy or a demonic one but like I said it just looks at me and goes hahaha ??! Maniacally! I try to I'll it together I do a good job being a female (: but the pararanormal seems to love and have its protection over me

    Posted 8/15/21

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  • New owner of the Tioga....wanting to connect with past visitors

    I'm one of the new owners of the Tioga, and absolutely LOVE uncovering the history of the building both online, and in-person as we work through all of the areas to fix and renovate the once grand hotel. If anyone has connections to the Tioga, I'd love to talk with you and/or even give you a private tour. There are some really fascinating areas in the building, and plenty of creepy feeling spaces. Please call the Tioga Office and ask for Robb if you have something to share. 541.266.7212

    Posted 4/22/21

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  • Over 40 years ago.

    Wow.... I visited back in 07 but before that I haven't been back since the 70s. I never thought of Tioga being haunted till I came across this site. I actually have found memories of the Tioga building. My grandpa owned the business that was called Tioga Coffee shop in the late 60s through the 70s next to the seedy Tavern that was at Tioga. Grandpas menu had regular America dinner food as well as Chinese food items. I remember hanging out all day with my grand parents and parents as they ran the place. This was when I was newborn to about 8 years old. I remember all the Royal Crown Cola I could drink. All the people that came off the buses that told me what good looking boy I once was. And the smell of Boyd's Coffee brewing. If memory serves me right. Grandpas coffee shop had it's own basement access. The access was through the kitchen with stairs next to the office or a really rickety elevator. The basement is were he stored stuff and... he had a bean sprout farm. I heard he was the first guy to supply the Portland area with bean sprouts and made good coins serving Chinese markets and restaurants. But enough of my family history there.... At times I would go down to the basement with grandpa to keep him company as he'd get bean sprouts ready for transport via Greyhound or sumth'n. (There used to be a Greyhound depot at the Tioga building.) I was always too scared to be down there by myself but never when my dad or grand dad was with me. I suspected something down there in the basement but at the time I didn't have the concept of ghosts yet. In the basement there was a long hallway that led to the parking lot where the Greyhoud buses parked. The hall was closed off by a door with a wire mesh on the top half where I could peer through on my tippy toes and see light at the end of the hall where the parking lot was. It was in that hall where I always thought that something was there. I think I asked grandpa what was down hall once or twice but I believe he said , "Ahh nothing is down there". Come to think of it. I dont recall ever seeing my grand parents or parents using the hallway. I never saw anything and I dont think any of my family has either. ...but I always thought something was down there. Me my parents left for Portland in 74. Then my grand parents sold the business in 79.

    Posted 10/13/20

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  • My Experience

    My friend and I were looking for the Dining room and ended up in the inner stair well !! It appeared to start from the basement and end up on the roof. We were spooked from the moment we exited the elevator. We walked up two flights of stairs then turned around and walked two flights below the floor we started from. Evidentially we found the correct door which required some one to key the door from the other side. The whole experience was very unnerving. However, after we were escorted to the correct area for meals, I had a chance to look at the walls, ceiling, and windows. Knowing some of the history of the building such as the fact that we were in the old ball room, I could feel the essence of the buildings times gone by.

    Posted 6/27/20

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