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New Redmond Hotel - Real Redmond Haunt

  • 521 SW 6th St.
  • Redmond, OR
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A woman's apparition has been seen at this hotel and strange orbs have appeared in photos. An eerie presence has been felt by guests in the middle of the night and disembodied footsteps have been heard in the hallways. This location is no longer the New Redmond Hotel.
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  • One of my most memorable paranormal experiences

    Me (Black M23) and my girlfriend (Black F22) were in Oregon for a week. She’s a freelance photographer and got the opportunity to shoot a well renowned Equestrian for National Geographic. For our first two days, we stayed in Portland, then traveled to Redmond for the remaining time because that’s where our returning flight was scheduled. We stayed at the Redmond hotel because it seemed very cute. We were too distracted by the overwhelming racist atmosphere of the area to research the intense hauntings of this city. However, my God was this hotel haunted. I’ve been able to sense the presence of “entities” since my youth, but by no means do I consider myself “psychic” or a “medium”. My maternal side just has a history of being perceptive and in some cases, communicative with spirits. We stayed on the third floor, can’t remember the room number, but when you come off the elevator, it’s the last room to the left at the end of the hall. The minute I stepped off the elevator I felt a heavy presence at the end of the hallway to my right, and continued to feel it behind me as I continued to my room. My girlfriend entered the room first because I was admiring a decorative hemp plant at the end of the hall next to our door. As I stood there, I continued to feel the heaviness and presence grow closer behind me, but alas, as I turned, there was nothing there. Throughout our stay, our TV would randomly malfunction and there was this constant, oppressive heaviness felt. The highlight, and scariest moment of this trip happened the second night of our stay at the hotel. As I laid in bed, pitch darkness surrounding me, I woke suddenly from my sleep. Not because of a sound, not a ordinary sleep wake cycle occurrence that’s generally accompanied by momentary disorientation and grogginess, I woke up COMPLETELY alert. I was facing the window with my back towards the door. My girlfriend was sound asleep on her back, with her mouth wide open, REM. I felt like somebody was standing right behind me, and a chill instantly traversed from the base of my skull to the soles of my feet. I sat there for a moment wondering if I should turn quickly or slowly, what would be the least scary, ya know? Ultimately, my decision making didn’t matter. My body felt like lead as I slowly forced myself to turn around. There was nothing there but darkness and the familiar bright hallway lights that peer under the door. However.. something was strange about the light. It wasn’t a continuous stream of light that I saw the previous night, it was interrupted by two small shadows. I stared at the shadows with confusion before utter dread set in.. the shadows were feet. Obviously shoes, because individual toes weren’t seen, but the type of shoe, or size of the shoes weren’t distinguishable. It felt as though I stared at the shoes for 20 minutes or more, but I know fear warped my sense of time and only 2 or 3 minutes had passed. I looked away from the door slowly, keeping the feet in my periphery, while peering into the bathroom and glancing at the mirror because, why not right? I’m already scared sh*tless, might as well play the role in this A24 horror film I’m living through. I saw nothing. I continued to turn my body back towards my girlfriend, indecisive about waking her up to see it. I didn’t want to scare her, but I felt she needed to see this and I also needed some comfort. However, a part of me didn’t want her to see it because then that would tarnish any attempt at me writing off what I’m seeing as a lucid dream, hallucination, or bending light. So…I didn’t wake her… I just looked back at the door. Guys.. the feet were gone. Vanished, no footsteps were heard, they were just gone, and more light spanned the entrance to the room. The feeling of heaviness slowly subsided and after an hour .. or two of distracting myself on tik tok, I eventually fell back asleep. I probably should’ve checked to see if the door was locked, but I was pretty drained from the whole ordeal and didn’t want to be perceived as scared by the entity. This happened in June of 2021, as I write this, my girlfriend mentioned something that made me revisit the trauma… as I was staring at this entities feet, what if they could see through the door and were actually staring directly back at me. Ughhh, I’m out of here, thanks for listening yall. I need a drink. Cheers.

    Posted 8/16/23

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  • Very creepy

    We had no clue it was haunted when we booked. From the first night it was spooky. We heard banging coming from the ceiling, walls and floors while sleeping in the middle of the night each night. Had terrible creepy dreams, waking constantly through the night and felt a heavy presence throughout the stay. My boyfriend even saw a woman figure walking down the hall.

    Posted 11/1/22

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  • No Sleep

    The hotel is super cute, very trendy with lots of healthy eats. It is loud though! The street outside is so noisy, if you are on the second floor you hear the 3rd floor above you. I slept better on the second floor on my second stay than I did on the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor I stayed for a week. The moment I walked into my room on the 3rd floor I had tingles, dizzy spells and never felt alone. At night it felt like someone was pacing outside my door, and the wooden door let the light from the hallway shine through all the way around the door, so if there was someone walking by it shadowed into your room. My first night stay I had a nightmare about the hotel, so imagine waking up in the hotel. Also, the room on the 3rd floor I kept having electrical issues..? One day my tv would not work, the next the card reader to my door wasn't working, another day my a/c went

    Posted 9/6/22

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  • Haunted

    I'm a 14yo girl living in Redmond and I went to the hotel for a friends birthday. I have always believed in ghosts and the supernatural so when I went to the hotel I was excited. I didn't see anything but I felt a heavy presence when I walked the halls. I asked my friends if they felt anything but they said no so I was a little confused, but I knew, there was a ghost watching me.

    Posted 1/13/21

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  • Definitely haunted

    My partner and I lived in an apartment above the skybox, next to the Redmond hotel, in 2006. We spent a lot of time with people working in the hotel, who all had their own stories of ghosts. Our apartment was also haunted. We would often see orbs floating around late at night while watching TV. One night while walking half asleep towards our bedroom, I thought I'd walked through a spider's web in the dimly lit hallway. As I put my hands to my face to remove what I thought was a web, what appeared to be the bottom of a woman's dress lit up in my fingers. I could see a lace-hemmed dress, with many layers, and a heeled woman's boot, of early 1900s style, light up in fluorescent shimmering colors, and she apparently continued up a nonexistent stairway to disappear into my wall. Obviously, I nearly lost it, and would have assumed I'd somehow hallucinated the whole thing, if my partner hadn't been directly behind me to witness the whole thing. We soon moved out, mostly because of our experiences, but also because any air conditioning units installed to keep the apartment livable would inexplicably breakdown upon installation. Strange!

    Posted 1/16/20

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  • Looks Great! Would Reccommend

    I've been haunting the halls of the Historic Redmond Hotel for what seems like centuries, but this new renovation really livens the place up! I'm excited to make new friends and enjoy the new atmosphere. That rooftop bar looks like a great social space! See you there!

    Posted 12/7/19

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  • I used to work here

    I used to work at this hotel for 4.5 years I love that place and would gladly work there again. It is haunted but I love it there. I have pics of what looks like a woman and child in the hallway upstairs on the second floor. We made a movie there.

    Posted 11/8/19

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  • You just know

    I'm very sensitive to spirits..im not sure what that makes me..but the first time I drove past the hotel, I felt the heaviness and could see in my minds eye a vision of a spirit looking out the window..i looked at my boyfriend who grew up in the area( without me saying anything) he said ya, I heard it's haunted! Then months later my boyfriend had to go there to pic up furniture they had donated to his thrift store..needless to say his experience was very unsettling!

    Posted 12/27/18

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