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Haunted Places Across Oregon That'll Send a Chill Down Your Spine

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Be prepared to get scared - whether you already believe in ghosts, or you're unsure of the existence of otherworldly apparitions, you can't deny that these haunted places across Oregon are in fact very spooky. Across the state, there are numerous sites believed to be haunted by a variety of ghosts and spirits of those who haven't yet passed on to the next world, and if you're a believer in local legend, these places are absolutely terrifying.

  •  The Benson Hotel - Portland, OR - Built over a century ago, The Benson Hotel is home to a few different apparitions, including the hotel's original owner, Simon Benson, who has been spotted on the hotel's staircases, in the hotel's business offices, and in other popular areas like the lounges and entry way.

    There are also reports of a "very friendly" ghost of a night porter, who has helped those in need, then disappeared after he was done helping out, only to be spotted again helping out others - now that's dedication.

    But that's not all - The Benson Hotel is also home to the ghost of "A Lady in White", and that of a small child, who are seen roaming the hallways in the evenings, and have even been known to visit some of the guest rooms on occasion.

  • The Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery - Dayton, OR - Unline the spirits of the Benson Hotel who are seen as "friendly ghosts", the one haunting the Lafayette Cemetery is decidedly less kind. In the 1800s, a woman was hanged here after being accused of being a witch, but not before swearing that the town would be cursed to burn down three times for persecuting her. Since then, the entire town has burned to the ground twice, only adding further fuel to the fire (no pun intended) with this local legend. 

    There have been reports of hearing her scream "Run Home!" in the cemetery, and it's been said she chases people out of the cemetery, leaving razor-like cuts up their backs. In fact, this has happened so frequently, that the cemetery is no longer open to the public. But hey if your hometown decided you were a witch and hanged you, you might decide to curse them and haunt them forever too, right?

  • The Kuhn Theater - Lebanon, OR - The Kuhn Theater has quite the history in Oregon - it opened its doors back in 1932, and  there are multiple spirits that have been spotted here. The most well-known spirit is that of a little girl in a white dress, who is said to have fallen to her death from the balcony, who's spirit is seen running around the theater, and patron and staff have even reported hearing her laughing.

    But that's no the only spirit that calls the Theater home - there's also a ghost who has taken up residence in the projection booth, and staff have complained of feeling an "unusual presence" while up there.

  • The Heceta Head Lighthouse - Florence, OR - Some people just never retire. According to local legend, a woman is said to haunt the Lighthouse Keeper's home, located next to the Lighthouse at Heceta Head. The woman, known as "The Gray Lady", has been haunting the home since at least the 1950s, and is believed to be named "Rue", after being summoned with a Ouija Board.

    The Lightkeeper's Home has since been transformed into a B&B, and guests have reported hearing phantom footsteps, as well as doors opening and closing, and other signs of a paranormal presence at the house.

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